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Attestation - Apostille 
An Apostille is a type of attestation in which documents are legalised in a particular format that is acceptable in all nations that belong to the Hague Convention. Essentially, Apostille is an international attestation that is acceptable in about 92 countries, and most of the western world recognises Apostille.

Apostille stamp is a square shaped computer generated sticker stamp, pasted on reverse of the document by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. This is a unique computer generated stamp having a unique identification number, through which any member country of The Hague convention can check its authenticity online. Under normal circumstances, once the document is apostilled, it does not require to be attested further from the concerned embassy.

If a document is apostilled, it does not require to be attested.

For the list of countries that require documents to be apostilled, please refer to the following link:
Embassy Attestation is a very important process particularly for those who wish to do jobs in foreign countries. Here, we have to follow the rules of MEA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) very strictly. Without MEA guidelines, the process becomes null and void.
We provide help to our clients to complete this process.
Attestations are needed on relevant documents along with original papers from different departments. We provide all the service for mass scale recruitment for the global establishments under the Ministry of HRD and MEA.
We provide Certificate Attestation and Authentication Services from various Departments like  HRD (Human Resource Development)  state notary, concern Home Department,GAD (General Administration Department) SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Embassy and Consulate for all kind of Certificate attestation requirements like Employment visa, Family resident visa, change of profession, change of Iqama, to pursue higher education in Foreign Country, write MOH(Ministry of Health) and DOH(Department of Health) examination by Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Lab Technicians etc.
Three types of Certificate s:-Educational , Personal , and Commercial .
Educational Certificates.
Personal documents list for attestation
  • Apostille / Attestation in Marriage Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Birth Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Death Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Divorce Decree Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Passport Copies 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Marriage Affidavit 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Birth Affidavit 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Medical Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Single Status Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Driving Licence 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Apprenticeship Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Good Conduct Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Professional Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Name Change Affidavit 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Relieving Letter 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Family Composition 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Bank Statement 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Covering Letter 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Provisional Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Migration Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Adoption Deed 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Fir Copy 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Experience Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Income Certificate 
  • Apostille / Attestation in PCC 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Dependency Certificate n
  • Apostille / Attestation in Aadhar Card 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Resume Curriculum Vitae
  • Apostille / Attestation in Academic Book Translation
  • Apostille / Attestation in Academic Thesis Translation 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Administrative Conversion 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Admission Essays
  • Apostille / Attestation in Advertising Material, Etc 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Affidavits AttestationDeeds 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Discharge Summary 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Drug Registration Documentation 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Employee And Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Apostille / Attestation in Engineering Specifications 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Equity And Bond Research Notes 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Equity Research 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Essays 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Financial Consultancy 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Financial Models 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Financial Reports 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Fund Fact Sheets 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Fund Regulations 
  • Apostille / Attestation in General Briefs
  • Apostille / Attestation in Government Reports 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Handwritten Medical Information 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Hospital Discharge Summary 
  • Apostille / Attestation  in Immigration And Naturalization Papers 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Import / Export Licence 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Income Statement
  • power_of_attorney-apostille-attestation-india-tamilnadu-chennai
  • Apostille / Attestation in Insight Documents
  • Apostille / Attestation in Installation Manuals 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Insurance AttestationLicense
  • Apostille / Attestation in Licensing Agreements
  • Apostille / Attestation in Liquidations 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Lyrics 
  • Apostille / Attestation in Magazines
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Marketing Materials 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Medical Test 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Ndas
  • Attestation - Apostille  in News Articles 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in News Releases 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Operation Manuals, Instruction Manuals 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Patents 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Patient Diagnosis Sheets/Reports 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Patient Information 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Performance Reports 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Ph.D. Translation 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Poems Attestation
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Press Releases
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Prospectus 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Recommendation Letters 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Regulatory And Compliance Documentation 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Regulatory Prospectuses
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Reports 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Safety Reports 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Short Stories 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Software And Hardware Ui
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Songs AttestationSpecifications 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Standards AttestationSummons 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Syllabus Translation
  • Attestation - Apostille  in System Requirement Documents 
  • Attestation - Apostille  in Will Translation 
Commercial documents list for attestation
  • Memorandum Of Association 
  • Physical Or Chemical Analysis Reports Of Products
  • Invitation Letter Attestation
  • Authority Letter Attestation
  • Company Profile Attestation
  • Power Of Attorney Attestation
  • Company Agreement Attestation
  • Employment Contracts Papers Attestation
  • Letter From Chambers Of Commerce Attestation
  • Dissolution Of Business Attestation
  • National Trade Certificate Attestation
  • Company Financial Budget Attestation
  • Board Resolution Attestation
  • Article Of Association Attestation
  • Certificate Of Incorporation Attestation
  • Sales Contract Attestation
  • Commercial Invoice Attestation
  • Packing List Attestation
  • Inspection Certificate Attestation
  • Insurance Policy Attestation
  • Insurance Certificate Attestation
  • Product Testing Certificate Attestation
  • Health Certificate Attestation
  • Phytosanitary Certificate Attestation
  • Fumigation Certificate Attestation
  • Ata Carnet Attestation
  • Consular Invoice Attestation
  • Dock Receipt D/R Or Mate's Receipt Attestation
  • Bill Of Lading Attestation
  • House Bill Of Lading (Groupage) Attestation
  • Shipping Guarantee Attestation
  • Documentary Credit D/C Attestation
  • Standby Credit Attestation
  • Collection Instruction Attestation
  • Bill Of Exchange Attestation
  • Trust Receipt Attestation
  • Promissory Note Attestation
  • Certificate Of Origin Attestation
  • Landing Certificate Attestation
  • Customs Invoice Attestation
  • Shipping Bill Attestation
  • Import Export Document Attestation
  • Invoice Bills Attestation
  • Free Sale Certificate Attestation
  • GMP Certificate Attestation
  • Trademark Attestation
  • Agreements And Contracts Attestation
  • Annual Reports Attestation
  • Arbitration Attestation
  • Articles Of Incorporation Attestation
  • Assessments Attestation
  • Audit Documents Attestation
  • Balance Sheets Attestation
  • Banking Documentations Attestation
  • Bill Of Materials Attestation
  • Invoices Bills Attestation
  • Brochures Attestation
  • Brochures For Healthcare Institutions Attestation
  • Business Correspondence Attestation
  • Business Document Attestation
  • Business Plans Attestation
  • Business Proposals Attestation
  • Cad Drawings Attestation
  • Clinical Protocols And Trial Agreements Attestation
  • Company Documentation Attestation
  • Contract Attestation
  • Corporate Communications Attestation
  • Correspondence Attestation
  • Court Documentation Attestation
  • Datasheets Attestation
  • Disclaimers Attestation
  • Financial Statements Attestation
  • Immigration Document Attestation
  • Insurance Claim Attestation
  • Insurance Marketing Attestation
  • Insurance Translation Attestation
  • Investment Marketing Attestation
  • Investment Reports Attestation
  • Legal Certification Attestation
  • Legal Disclaimers Attestation
  • Legal Marketing Attestation
  • Shop Act Registration Attestation
  • Patent And Trademark Filings Attestation
  • Product Guides Attestation
  • Profit And Loss Reports Attestation
  • Regulatory Documents Attestation
  • Service Agreements And Contracts Attestation
  • Shareholder Information Attestation
  • Shipping Order S/O Attestation
  • Trademark And Patent Registration Attestation
  • Price List Attestation

Required documents for Educational Documents Attestation :

Required documents for Personal Documents Attestation :
  • 1 ,Original  Certificate in which you want to get Attestation
  • 2,Passport Copy
  • 3,Other Supportive documents as per the Embassy / Ministry Requirements
Required documents for Commercial Documents Attestation : 
  • 1 ,Original  Certificate in which you want to get Attestation
  • 2,Passport Copy
  • 3,Other Supportive documents as per the Embassy / Ministry Requirements
Attestaion Involved in  Educational documents / Personal Documents / Commercial Documents:
Apostille is a form of external confirmation recognised in approximately 119 countries, with the majority of the Western world accepting it.
What is Apostille Services in Chennai?
Apostille is a legalization/attestation tool used by a few countries that have ratified The Hague Convention. Apostilles are routinely given as if by a competent expert authorised to issue an Apostille, such as the Secretary of State's office, in accordance with The Hague Apostille Tradition of 1961, a treaty signed by 119 countries, including the United States.
Which countries require an Apostille?
Apostille Nations are a group of 119 countries that includes all European and American countries except Mexico, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe. Oman has been designated as an Apostille Country among the GCC nations.
  • Apostille for Albania,
  • Apostille for Argentina,
  • Apostille for Armenia,
  • Apostille for Austria,
  • Apostille for Bahamas,
  • Apostille for Belarus,
  • Apostille for Belgium,
  • Apostille for Belize,
  • Apostille for Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Apostille for Brazil,
  • Apostille for Bulgaria,
  • Apostille for Burkina Faso,
  • Apostille for Canada,
  • Apostille for Chile,
  • Apostille for Colombia,
  • Apostille for Costa Rica,
  • Apostille for Croatia,
  • Apostille for Cyprus,
  • Apostille for Czech Republic,
  • Apostille for Denmark,
  • Apostille for Dominican Republic,
  • Apostille for Ecuador,
  • Apostille for El Salvador,
  • Apostille for Estonia,
  • Apostille for Fiji,
  • Apostille for Finland,
  • Apostille for France,
  • Apostille for Georgia,
  • Apostille for Germany,
  • Apostille for Greece,
  • Apostille for Guatemala,
  • Apostille for Honduras,
  • Apostille for Hong Kong China),
  • Apostille for Hungary,
  • Apostille for Iceland,
  • Apostille for Ireland,
  • Apostille for Israel,
  • Apostille for Italy,
  • Apostille for Japan,
  • Apostille for Latvia,
  • Apostille for Lithuania,
  • Apostille for Luxembourg,
  • Apostille for Macau China),
  • Apostille for Malta,
  • Apostille for Mauritius,
  • Apostille for Mexico,
  • Apostille for Moldova, Republic of,
  • Apostille for Monaco,
  • Apostille for Montenegro,
  • Apostille for Netherlands,
  • Apostille for New Zealand,
  • Apostille for Nicaragua,
  • Apostille for Norway,
  • Apostille for Panama,
  • Apostille for Paraguay,
  • Apostille for Peru,
  • Apostille for Poland,
  • Apostille for Portugal,
  • Apostille for Republic of Korea from 1 June 2015,
  • Apostille for Romania,
  • Apostille for Saint Kitts and Nevis,
  • Apostille for San Marino,
  • Apostille for Serbia,
  • Apostille for Singapore,
  • Apostille for Slovakia,
  • Apostille for Slovenia,
  • Apostille for South Africa,
  • Apostille for Spain,
  • Apostille for Sri Lanka,
  • Apostille for Sweden,
  • Apostille for Switzerland,
  • Apostille for Thailand,
  • Apostille for The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia FYROM ,
  • Apostille for Trinidad and Tobago,
  • Apostille for Turkey,
  • Apostille for Turkmenistan,
  • Apostille for Ukraine,
  • Apostille for United Kingdom,
  • Apostille for United States of America,
  • Apostille for Uruguay,
  • Apostille for Uzbekistan,
  • Apostille for Venezuela,
  • Apostille for Zimbabwe.

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