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Apostille / Attestation

Apostille / Attestation Services 

Certificate Attestation Services

Private certificate Attestation,Experience certificate Attestation,Bona-fide certificate Attestation,Birth certificate Attestation ,Transfer certificate Attestation ,Affidavit Attestation,Marriage certificate Attestation ,Registration certificate Attestation ,Power of Attorney Attestation,Death certificate Attestation ,Migration certificate Attestation ,Translation certificate Attestation,Divorce certificate Attestation ,Transcript certificate Attestation ,Legalization / certificate Attestation,Internship/Leaving certificate Attestation,Nursing Certificate Attestation,Halal Certificate Attestation,Company Invoice Attestation,Single Status Certificate Apostille/Attestation, Attestation of Educational Documents:-School Leaving Certificates Attestation,College Leaving Certificates Attestation,Degree Certificates Attestation,Mark Sheets Attestation,Degree Certificate Attestation,PG Degree Certificate Attestation,Pre Degree Certificate Attestation,BE Certificate Attestation,Diploma Certificate Attestation,Nursing Certificate Attestation,SSC Certificate Attestation/HSC Certificate Attestation,Inter Certificate Attestation,MBBS Certificate Attestation,Dentists Certificate Attestation,Engineering Certificate Attestation,Transcript Certificate Attestation,Transfer Certificate Attestation,Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation,Nursing Registration Certificate Attestation,Pharmacy Certificate Attestation,B Ed Certificate Attestation,MS Certificate Attestation,MD Certificate Attestation,B Tech Certificate Attestation...Personal Documents Attestation:- Marriage Certificate Attestation,Birth Certificate Attestation,Leaving Certificate Attestation,Police Clearance Certificate Attestation,Registration Certificate Attestation,Power of Attorney Certificate Attestation,Marriage Affidavit Certificate Attestation,Bonafide Certificate Attestation,Medical Certificate Attestation...Commercial Documents Attestation:-Certificate of origin Attestation,Certificate of incorporation Attestation,Invoices Attestation,Physical /chemical analysis reports of products Attestation,Packaging list Attestation,Special certificates Attestation,Memorandum of association Attestation,Power of attorney Attestation,Health cetificates attestation,Embassy Attestation Services :-Qatar Embassy Attestation in India,Bahrain Embassy Attestation in India ,UAE Embassy Attestation in India ,Angola embassy Attestation in India,Indoesia Embassy Attestation in India ,Saudi Embassy Attestation in India ,Kuwait Embassy Attestation in India ,Malaysia Embassy Attestation in India,Oman Embassy Attestation in India ,Brazil Embassy Attestation in India ,China Embassy Attestation in India ,Bahrain Embassy Attestation in INDIA ..No 1 Apostille / attestation Services in Chennai, Email : info.almiraaj@gmail.com , almiraaj.attestation@gmail.com.....


Apostille / Attestation
Birth Certificate Attestation - Marriage Cretificate Attestation -
 Degree Certificate Attestation - Commercial documents Attestation
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We provide Certificate Attestation and Authentication Services from various Departments like HRD (Human Resource Development)  state notary, concern Home Department,GAD (General Administration Department) SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Embassy and Consulate for all kind of Certificate attestation requirements like Employment visa, Family resident visa, change of profession, change of Iqama, to pursue higher education in Foreign Country, write MOH(Ministry of Health) and DOH(Department of Health) examination by Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Lab Technicians etc.

Two types of Certificate’s:-Educational Certificate- It is authenticated from concern State HRD (Human Resource Development) and GAD (General Administration Department).Non-Educational Certificate- It will not be authenticated from HRD (Human Resource Development) and GAD (General Administration Department). But some of the Embassy or Consulate attestations can be done for the following certificates.for more details contact AL-MIRAAJ INTERNATIONAL Tours&Travels.

1.Private Certificate Attestation

2.Experience certificate Attestationappstille-attestation-online
3.Bona-fide certificate Attestation
4.Birth certificate  Attestation           
5.Transfer certificate Attestation      
6.Affidavit Attestation
7.Marriage certificate  Attestation 
8.Registration certificate Attestation   
9.Power of Attorney Attestation
10.Death Certificate Attestation   
11.Migration certificate Attestation      
12.Translation Certificate Attestation
13.Divorce Certificate Attestation 
14.Transcript Certificate Attestation    
15.Legalization / Certificate Attestation
16.Internship/Leaving Certificate Attestation
17,Nursing Certificate Attestation
18.Halal Certificate Attestation
19,Company Invoice Attestation
20,Single Status Certificate Apostille/Attestation
21,Police Clearance Certificate Attestation
22, Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Attestation

What you need to know before approaching an agent?

Ensure your certificates are in Safe hands. Middle East Countries are verifying the Certificate status directly to universities if found fake, fake attested the Employee will be put in prison.Handing over Certificates to Unknown person is Risk of fake attestation.

Why AL-MIRAAJ is No1 in Attestation Field :
100 % Genuine Attestation

20 years experience in the field of document Apostille / Attestation industry
Safe handling of Documents
Step by step tracking Mails
Fast and Prompt Service
Courier used to Transfer your Documents - BlueDart Express / DHL 
Various Payment Options - Cash | DD | Credit Card | Bank Transfer .

Attestation of Educational Documents:
School Leaving Certificates Attestation.
College Leaving Certificates Attestation
Degree Certificates Attestation
Mark Sheets Attestation
UG Degree Certificate Attestation
PG Degree Certificate Attestation
Pre Degree Certificate Attestation
BE Certificate Attestation
Diploma Certificate Attestation
Nursing Certificate Attestation
SSC Certificate Attestation/HSC Certificate Attestation
Inter Certificate Attestation
MBBS Certificate Attestation
Dentists Certificate Attestation
Engineering Certificate Attestation
Transcript Certificate Attestation
Transfer Certificate Attestation
Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation
Nursing Registration Certificate Attestation
Pharmacy Certificate Attestation
B Ed Certificate Attestation
MS Certificate Attestation
MD Certificate Attestationcertificate_apostille_embassy_attestation
B Tech Certificate Attestation.
Personal Documents Attestation:
Marriage Certificate Attestation
Birth Certificate  Attestation
Leaving Certificate Attestation
Police Clearance Certificate Attestation
Registration Certificate Attestation
Power of Attorney Certificate Attestation
Marriage Affidavit Certificate Attestation
Bonafide Certificate Attestation
Medical Certificate Attestation.
Commercial Documents Attestation:
Certificate of origin Attestation
Certificate of incorporation Attestation
Invoices Attestation
Physical /chemical analysis reports of products Attestation
Packaging list Attestation
Special certificates Attestation
Memorandum of association Attestation
Power of attorney Attestation.


3 Easy Steps to Get Apostille / Attestation 
           Step 1
Cntact - Phone - Email - WhatsApp
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Email : info.almiraaj@gmail.com.
           Step 2
Submit The Required documents
Usually Required documents for Apostille / Attestation - Original Certificate / Document / Affidavit / Power of attorney or the document in which you need to get apostille / attestation , supportive documents as per the requirements of Ministry / Embassy,and Passport copy of the concerned persons.
            Step 3
Get the Apostilled/Attested...
Once the required apostille / attestation finished , we will inform & send scanned image to email or whatsapp , then you can collect the documents from our office, if you want to send the documents by courier to your home address , we will send the documents by courier and give you the  tracking number sameday..
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